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Network Ten

Network Ten employs over 900 people on a permanent basis and engages many more people on an ad hoc basis such as contractors, freelancers and sole traders etc (Contractors).

Important Notice

As a Contractor, you need to complete the safety induction (within the registration process) before you commence providing services to Network Ten. As part of this process you will need to upload the following documents, so please ensure you have them handy (and ready to attach) before you start.

  1. Public Liability insurance certificate of currency (with a limit of not less than $5 Million in the aggregate).
  2. Workers Compensation or accident and sickness insurance certificate of currency.
  3. Any necessary work permits, qualifications (e.g. building licence, work from heights certificate etc. that allow you to carry out the services you have been engaged to do for Network Ten
  4. Your Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). If you do not have this document you need to contact the Network Ten National Work, Health & Safety Officer ASAP on M: 0400 996 082

Once you have received your login in username & password .... login and ......

  1. Change your password
  2. Upload your document/s, then
  3. Complete the induction and
  4. Read & acknowledge (in the box provided) that you understand and agree to the Network Ten "terms of trade" document.  This is your legal contract with Ten.

Safety Induction & Registration

Complusory completion of the safety induction (within the registration process) is a necessary requirement.  The registration process is a "once-only" process, but must be done prior to any works commencing at any Network Ten work-site by the contractor. Once the registration is successfully completed, a "notification of registration" email will be sent to the Contractor, the Network Ten National WH&S Officer and the Network Ten staff member that has been listed as the contractors Network Ten contact. This will confirm that the contractor is now an approved Network Ten Contractor.

Any contractors staff that maybe required to complete works on the contractors behalf on any Network Ten site, must also register on-line via the Contractor Registration process. By creating a new account in their name but utilising their contractors company name or trading name, address, phone and email details in the required areas. 

30 days prior to the expiry date of any insurances or specialist qualifications, notification to renew and re-submit these amended "and current" documents will be sent to the contractors email adddress. No works can be carried out until listing of all required documentation has taken place. The Network Ten WH&S Officer and your Network Ten contact will also be notified of this happening.